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Workshops: Is there a specific identity for cancer survivors? In collaboration with the University of Liège
On November 23rd and December 5th of 2017, Work & Cancer brought together survivors for a workshop on the theme of identity as part of a research conducted by Ulg (University of Liège)  to better target the identity of these patients to be able to better value the constructive aspects that it entails in terms of experience and long-term development both in the private sphere and in the professional sphere of the patient. Caroline Tilkin, psychologist and doctoral student in health psychology at the University of Liège, led the sessions.
The exchanges were based on the principle of co-creation. While participants rated the ideas, feelings and questions related to their experience of the disease on Post-it®, we found that the list of strengths and resources developed was much longer than that of loss and hassle ( that obviously exist and can take up space, no doubt).
So it was with the conclusion that we all felt part of a certain community, without being marginalized, and having won more than lost, that we finished these two extremely rich sessions. The results will be published in a scientific journal, we will  keep you properly informed!