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Current Chronicles of Vocational Training - The Podcast
You are a trainer or wish to become one, you are in training or a future trainee, well this new podcast is made for you! Exceptional interviews and encounters, creative and accessible tools. Ideal content to help you discover the hidden sides of this profession. A short, relevant and friendly format! So go to the current chronicles of professional training and above all...stay tuned!

"In this month of pink October during which the word cancer often comes up, the chronicles offer you a trip to Europe to see what is happening there. I had the pleasure of interviewing Magali Mertens from Wilmars who is coach, trainer and speaker in Belgium. She will explain to us what Disability Management is. Returning to work after cancer, resilience, can imagine how much pleasure I had to discuss with Magali She is bubbly, joyful and passionate about her job. Happy listening!"

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