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The "after-cancer" is the hardest part claim 61% of survivors in a french study
For almost 2/3 of the patients, it is the AFTER-CANCER the hardest! "The disease goes away, the questions remain," I wrote in an opinion piece in La Libre Belgique in 2015. This month, the Societal Observatory of the League against Cancer publishes a study that quantifies the difficulties facing the so-called "survivors". The "after-cancer" does not mean a return to life before. There are so many questions that remain unresolved, and a double sentence in the form of restricted access to insurance, property, a difficult return to employment ... The financial toxicity of cancer remains largely underestimated by policies. These people who have watched death face do not wish to "only" survive, they want to live! Accompanying patients after cancer would be a long-term benefit for all actors.