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Nothing about us without us! Patients, make YOUR VOICE heard! A survey by Patient Centrics
In terms of health policy, therapeutic protocol, information, prevention ... we talk a lot about cancer, decisions are made. But do they take into account what patients really want? Does the cancer plan meet PATIENT NEEDS? And if we created a center of expertise for oncology patients, would you? Because the voice of patients matters to us, we share this great online survey to know YOUR opinion on the issue!
Link to the survey (thanks for sharing)

"Nothing about us, without us!" (no decision concerning us, without including us!)
Last January, I spoke to you about patient-experts on La Première. Today, I want to go further. Why not create the first center of patient expertise in oncology, and value your disease experience and work experience to work to improve the quality of life of people with cancer? Help us by sharing your opinion on the issue in this anonymous survey.
Thank you for your help, and do not hesitate to share :-) And for those who want to listen to the chronicle (in French), it's here.