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Cancer and work: "My job did not exist when I came back", an article from L'Express

The Cancer @ work association organizes "job dating" for employees in remission. Report. Cancer is upsetting everything. Projects, beliefs, confidence, vision of his body ... Once out winner of the crab at the price of a long fight, the time of remission conceals other battles no less energy-hungry. These include returning to work or looking for a new job. According to a study by Inserm *, at the time of diagnosis, eight out of ten people had a job, compared to six out of ten, two years later. "The loss of employment affects more the least educated, the youngest and the oldest, those who exercise an occupation of execution (workers, employees), who have a precarious employment contract or are employed in SMEs", specifies investigation. "Make this life experience a professional asset"

Work and Cancer was invited to animate a workshop

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