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Respect, loyalty, empathy, honesty, and caring are values that companies cherish among their employees and want to develop. Offering the right tools to your employees after their experience with cancer helps amplify and reinforce these values.
We believe in the ability of everyone to recover after a difficult experience if they receive the necessary support. This issue is also crucial for caregivers who have to manage work and support for a seriously ill person. The question is delicate and we know it. That's why we want to help you. Work & Cancer puts at your disposal the three crucial EMPOWERMENT tools: Awareness, Training and Support. Contact us to develop the program that suits best your business.


We are all concerned, whether we are:

  • An employer who wants tools to support his collaborators in the face of cancer.
  • A patient treated for cancer who has questions about managing his return to work.
  • A caregiver who has to juggle between professional life and the accompaniment of a seriously ill loved one.
Work & Cancer offers modules tailored to the realities of companies to provide their managers and / or human resources managers answers to their questions and practical tools to best support sick employees or caregivers.
To accompany is to support and to stand by someone. Travail & Cancer is aware of the difficulties encountered by employers, employees, cancer patients or caregivers, colleagues ... This is why our association wants to offer personalized support, adapted to your experience, your needs and your goals.

About us

Our mission and our values
Work & Cancer is a non-profit organization born in the spirit of people who have personally lived with cancer or via the experience of a loved one. The organization has as a mission to guide:
  • Companies who pay close attention to their corporate responsibility;
  • Employees affected by cancer and facing challenges in their return to work;
  • Employees that are carers and thus seek balance between professional life and caring for a sick relative.

On a larger scale, Work & Cancer aims to be present and active in the decision-making process and raise awareness among public opinion on the reintegration into the workforce after the cancer is cured, be it for the patients/survivors and/or their carers.

Fortunately, today, the survival rate has increased dramatically. Investing in the socioprofessional reintegration of patients is a key societal challenge for Work & Cancer.
Our team

Magali Mertens de Wilmars

Secretary General

Magali has worked for several years in the NGO sector, first as project manager and then in change of communication. Following her personal experience with cancer she became a certified coach, and trained in Disability Management, she also created www.vieetcancer.be. Witnessing a deep lack of tools enabling survivors to go back to work she decided to put her experience and skills to the service of companies and employees (patients, survivors and carers) to facilitate the transition between the treatments and the return to work. She participates actively in several Working Groups, conferences and events that tackle psycho social issues related to cancer.
She is also a radio columnist on La Première (National Belgian French Radio) where she talks about the challenges after cancer and how to overcome them.
She is the author of "Je rebondis après mon cancer" (How to rebounce after my cancer), Editions Jouvence, 2018 and "Returning to work after cancer", Editions Jouvence 2019.


EMPOWERME - The first app that offers you free coaching to return to work after cancer
Returning to work is important in the healing process, but it is often complicated. However, people come back stronger from "invisible" skills. To help you become an actor when you return to work, this coaching program in 8 videos, accompanies you step by step. A bonus video of Psy Qui Parle enlightens you on the psychological aspects. The EMPOWERME app is available on Google Play and Apple Store.
A mindmap of all stakeholders to help you through your return to work journey
For now the website is only available in French, we hope to be able to offer you an English version in 2020! www.retourautravail.be
Webinar Fondation contre le Cancer : return to work after cancer with a coach
Watch the replay in French  Download Handbook "Work & cancer for employer" from the European Cancer League
Healthcare professional webinar: returning to work after cancer
Dr Jean-Marc Desmet, founder of the non-profit organization "Soigner en conscience" organized a webinar for his peers to talk about the challenges of returning to work after cancer.

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