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A first: the consequences of cancer are recognized as a handicap
It is the labor court of Brussels that made this judgment. An employer is convicted for not wanting (...)
10 tips to improve the return to work after cancer
One of the great challenges of post-cancer is the return to work issue. This step is however crucial (...)
Work & Cancer speaks about the gradual return to work in the Belgian daily newspaper "Le Soir"
"More and more patients are coming back to work gradually" headlines the newspaper Le Soir of the we (...)
Cancer, the dangerous lesions - L'Echo 10 of February 2018
An article published in the daily newspaper "L'Echo" on the collateral effects of cancer. The (...)
Interview for L'Echo: How to live after cancer | Meeting with Magali Mertens
Magali Mertens, founder of the non-profit Travail & Cancer, talks about her experience of the dise (...)
Workshops: Is there a specific identity for cancer survivors? In collaboration with the University of Liège
On November 23rd and December 5th of 2017, Work & Cancer brought together survivors for a workshop o (...)
Radio Chronicle "Tendances Première": Work & Cancer, the organization for which cancer creates value in the workplace
Better empathy, stress management, priority management, self-awareness ... all qualities that we l (...)
Reintegrating work after work incapicity: The Perspective of Physicians and Employers
The INAMI has mandated the King Baudouin Foundation to organize a dialogue between, on the one han (...)
Interview dans "L'invité du samedi"
Le sourire est large, l'accueil chaleureux mais avant de bifurquer vers le bureau où elle reçoit (...)